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Maharashtra: By 2050, Mumbai will see more plastic floating than fish: Report September 10,2019   |  Source: DNA

A report conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology says that our future generations will have to pay for the amount with which we are disposing of plastic waste in the sea of Mumbai. Titled, 'This report is an alarm for all of us', it highlights the alarming level of plastic pollution in the Arabian Sea. The report has been prepared by the professors of the Civil Engineering Department, Renjit Vishnuradhan and TI Aldo, the latter being the Head of the Department.

The research suggests that the accumulation of plastics in the sea will not only affect marine life but will also have dangerous consequences for the environment. According to the report, this accumulation of plastic waste and depletion of environment coupled with drastic change in the food chain will have dire effect on mankind.

Such careless disposal of plastics can also hamper the growth of mangroves in Mumbai. Mangroves, as we all know play a vital role in preventing floods and in view of that, plastic becomes a huge menace for Mumbaikars. We always see pictures of litres of garbage being thrown out of the sea and strewn all over the beaches, promenades etc.

"The report is itself an alarm for all of us. After the Second World War, the use of plastic has increased rapidly in the world. As compared to

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