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Pakistan: Fishing for trouble : Sindh government’s plan for jetties has fisherfolk up in arms by Razzak Abro September 16,2019   |  Source: Tribune

In a bid to recoup what it sees as lost revenue, the Sindh government has decided to regularise all ‘illegal’ jetties being operated privately along the coastal belt of the province. The move, however, has raised serious concerns among Sindh’s fishing communities, who maintain these jetties have existed for decades to facilitate them.

Collecting commission:

There are, at present, as many as 42 private jetties operating along Sindh’s coastline, according to provincial government officials. Most of them are located on the coast of Karachi in areas like Ibrahim Hyderi, Rehri, Shams Pir, Mubarak Village, Salehabad and the Baba and Bhit islands. Sindh authorities believe that millions of rupees worth of fish caught daily is sold at these jetties bypassing the commission the government collects. As a rule, all business related to fish caught from the sea must be carried out through the Karachi Fisheries Harbour, where the government collects its 6.25 per cent commission. As a result, Sindh government officials say the jetties are inflicting a huge loss on the national exchequer and providing benefit only to certain individuals.

To put an end to this bypassing of the official commission, it was decided in a meeting presided over by the Sindh chief secretary to prepare


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