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Pakistan: Support the fisheries October 09,2019   |  Source: The International News

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi has now been in office for over one year. Yet, during this time he has visited the fisheries only once and also only once did he meet with the representatives of the Sindh Trawler Owners and Fishermen Association, that too several months ago. Since then there is absolute silence from his end.

While Ali Haider Zaidi seems to find all the time to make pledges to clean up Karachi, which is not even his domain, he has totally neglected his portfolio, and hasn’t even bothered to meet the stakeholders and maritime community. And the result is evident; despite the 35 percent depreciation of our currency, Pakistan’s seafood exports have fallen substantially in the last one year instead of jumping up by at least 70 percent. I appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to give the ports, shipping and fisheries responsibility to someone who can deliver and work dedicatedly to promote the extremely viable fisheries sector. I assure the prime minister that the fisheries sector has the potential to increase its foreign exchange earnings in just a short period of time. All this sector needs is the support of the government.

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