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India: Fishers to flag livelihood issues at talks on draft Bill October 09,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

The National Fishworkers’ Forum (NFF), a federation of State-level organisations in the fisheries sector, is preparing to step up pressure on the Centre to address the livelihood issues faced by the fishermen community across the country. On the eve of the discussions to be held here with the Joint Secretary, Union Department of Fisheries, NFF leaders have lined up their response to the draft National Marine Fisheries Regulation and Management Bill to be presented in Parliament. In its comments on the Bill, the NFF has urged the government for steps to control the expansion of the country’s fishing fleet.


The note says the construction of new boats was going on unabated in many parts of the coast, notwithstanding the significant over-capacity of the fishing fleet. “Unless the Act provides powers to the government to control the construction of boats in categories notified from time to time, it will be very difficult to control fleet expansion,” it said, proposing steps to restructure fleet composition and size in tune with resources.


The NFF is seeking protection for the fisheries sector from the incursion of other sectors of the economy such as tourism and industry and the takeover of marine areas for other purposes without permission

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