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Assam: 100 Pisciculturists benefit from awareness Camp in Longding district November 19,2019   |  Source: The Sentinel Assam

Over 100 persons involved in pisciculture benefitted from awareness programmes on ‘In-situ conservation of indigenous fishes’, organised at Otongkhua and Tissa villages of Longding district by the Tirap KVK, in collaboration with the Assam Agricultural University (AAU), on 14 and 16 November, respectively. The programmes were organized under the National Mission on Himalayan Studies-sponsored project, ‘Assessment of environmental health and ichthyofaunal biodiversity of the Tirap and the Tissa rivers of Arunachal Pradesh and promotion of fish-centric supplementary livelihood options through a participatory approach’.

During the programme, the AAU’s College of Fisheries’ assistant professor, Dr. Rajdeep Dutta, explained: “the ill-impacts of destructive fishing methods such as electrocution, poisoning, bomb blasting, etc, on the indigenous fish fauna of rivers of Arunachal Pradesh.”

He also spoke about different measures for the conservation of precious fish species of the rivers of the Arunachal Himalayas. Tirap KVK fisheries scientist, Phurin Songtheng, informed the participants about the different fish farming technologies they could adopt for culturing fish in ponds “as an aid to in-situ conservation of fishes.” Awareness leaflets were also

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