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Tamil Nadu: 37 fishermen arrested for carrying out mid-sea attack November 25,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

Thirty seven fishermen were arrested by the Pudupattinam police on Sunday for attempting to attack another group of fishermen and preventing government officials from performing their duties. These fishermen had ventured into the sea in three mechanised boats categorised as 'unregistered' by the Fisheries Department, due to attachment of higher than specified horsepower, and had attempted to attack another group of fishermen who were permitted by the department to venture into the sea in the morning hours.

Ten mechanised boats with 240 and lesser horsepower were permitted to venture into the sea from the Pazhayar Fishing Harbour by the Department, in accordance with the Tamil Nadu Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1983. One of the 10 mechanised boats was asked to return to the harbour based on an objection raised by the other group of fishermen that the horsepower of the vessel was higher than the specified limit.However, as the boat was returning on Sunday, the 37 fishermen set sail into the sea in three mechanised boats disregarding the impounding order.

They attempted to attack the nine occupants of the boat. According to a complaint lodged with the Pudupattinam police by the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Nagapattinam (North), Natarajan, all mechanised boats had been

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