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Odisha: Bahabalpur fishing jetty cries for restoration November 25,2019   |  Source: Orissa Post

Thousands of fishermen depend on the Bahabalpur fishing jetty at the mouth of river Jalaka in Balasore district, but it has been in a bad shape for lack of maintenance and care. No step has been taken to restore the jetty for the benefit of fishermen, a report said. In ancient times, Odia Sadhabs (merchants) used to go abroad for maritime commerce through this river mouth.

In 1992, this jetty was constructed in Bahabalpur near the confluence of the sea and the river Budhabalanga. Over 16,000 fisherman venture into the sea in mechanised boats and launches every day, but the river’s course at its mouth is getting silted, making the movement of fishing vessels difficult.

Various parts of the jetty have been in bad shape, fishermen alleged. At some places, concrete structures have developed cracks and may collapse any time. The fishermen and traders’ association have been demanding restoration of the jetty, but no step is being taken in this direction. Among other jetties, this one has been a key player for strengthening the economy of the district.

Tonnes of fish from this jetty are sent to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa and Delhi on a daily basis. Traders of other states also come here. It is said that about 80 per cent of fish are exported. Now the

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