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Meghalaya: A Model of Community-led Conservation November 26,2019   |  Source: The Shillong Times

Jaiñtia Fishing and Environmental Protection Association (JF&EPA), was established as Jaiñtia Fishing Association in the year 1993. Initially the Associations’ main objective was to protect the rivers particularly those around Jowai town from indiscriminate killing of fishes by unscrupulous elements that used chemicals and explosives to catch the fish. These are no doubt illegal activities but enforcement machineries find it hard to nab the culprits who take advantage of the distance of the place and in the cover of the night to engage in their act.

Because it is a voluntary organisation the JFA’s approach is to start its units in different areas and supported by the community they were able to stop this dastardly act and most of the rivers are now saved from fish poachers now. The other objective of the Association which was established and registered with the government as a society under the Societies Act XX of 1860, is also to protect the upstream of the river Myntdu from unauthorised collection of sand and stones, the encroachment on the banks of the river and the pollution which flows to the river Myntdu which is also a source of drinking water for the people of Jowai.

The Association which was later known as Jaiñtia Fishing and Environment Association (JFEA),

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