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World News: WTO still scrambling for standardized global fishing rules November 28,2019   |  Source: Daily Stock Dish

The World Trade Organization is increasingly under pressure to come up with a global scheme to curb fisheries subsidies. Now a nonagenarian is leading the fight to stop what he calls a “harmful” practice. A short video slowly making the rounds on social media starts out with none than 93-year-old David Attenborough, a filmmaker famous for his luscious documentaries on nature. It is classic Attenborough with his distinctive, calm voice backed up with dramatic music and amazing underwater footage of whales, dolphins and coral reefs. But this isn‘t a new nature film; it is a call for help. And the main issue or the , it is government subsidies.

“Government subsidies are keeping fishing boats fishing even when there are too few fish left for fishing to be profitable,” said Attenborough in the video. “A global deal to end harmful fisheries subsidies is the next vital step in the restoration of our oceans to their former abundance and diversity.” The video, produced in cooperation with NGOs Friends of Ocean Action, the World Economic Forum and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is a digital message being sent to governments around the world and decision makers in Geneva at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Previously the WTO has come up with global rules for .

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