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Bangladesh: Time to tap the blue economy opportunity by Shykh Seraj November 28,2019   |  Source: The Daily Star

Dear readers, in October this year, I went to China to participate in China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (CIAME) 2019, held at Qingdao in Shangdong province. I had the opportunity to visit the Ocean University that mainly teaches oceanography, aquatic ecosystem, blue economy and many other issues related to the ocean. The university has been working closely on the prospects of ‘Blue Economy’. Some Bangladeshi students are also involved in this research, which emphasises on sustainable usage of ocean resources for economic growth, while preserving the ecosystem. It is one of the most renowned universities for oceanography studies. We are facing environmental disaster backed by climate change and man-made pollution. Global warming and rise of sea level is coming along to give a higher threat to the nature and people. This is also alarming for the undiscovered resources in the sea. There are many Bangladeshi students at Ocean University who are either doing their graduation or working on their PhD. Bangladesh is now working in the sector of blue economy. I believe when these students will come back from China’s Ocean University, they would be able to contribute greatly to this wonder sector which will definitely boost up the country’s economy.

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