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Sri Lanka: Local fisherman detain Sri Lankan fishing boat by Aishath Azmeela November 28,2019   |  Source: AVAS

A foreign fishing boat was detained by local fishermen in Southern part of the Maldives on Tuesday. Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) said that the Sri Lankan fishing boat caught trespassing in Maldivian waters was detained 10 nautical miles east of Fuvamulah by a local fishing vessel. Seven people were on the foreign vessel at the time, said MNDF. The boat is now sailing towards Ga. Kudahulhudhoo, they revealed.

MNDF urged local vessels to refrain from approaching suspicious vessels and to immediately report the vessel to MNDF Coast Guard when spotted. The police are investigating the case further. Last Friday, seven Sri Lankan fishing boats were deatained while trespassing in Maldivian territory in a similar incident.

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