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Kerala: Shimane guv evinces interest to partner with Kerala in fisheries sector November 28,2019   |  Source: The New Indian Express

Japan’s Shimane Prefecture, a coastal region in the Honshu Island in that country, has evinced interest in cooperation with Kerala in the sectors of fisheries and water resource utilisation. Shimane governor Tatsuya Maruyama mooted the proposal during a meeting with Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday. Kerala had earlier inked an agreement with Shimane for ties in trade, investment and cooperation in human resources development. The signatories were the Kerala government and Lake Nakaumi, Lake Shinji and Mt Daisen area Mayors Association.

The Shimane Prefecture has two vocation high schools with expertise in fisheries and water resources. The prefecture is active in port management and has a training facility for Ruby programming language. Five engineers hailing from Kerala working in Shimane.

The governor said agriculture and forests were focus areas of the prefecture. Steps on cooperation in these areas will be taken in association with the San’in India Association. San’in is a less-populated region in Japan where the major mode of transport is private vehicles. Shimane has a long-time interest in road management, he said.

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