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Tamil Nadu: To study socio-economic conditions of fishermen November 29,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

The Tamil Nadu government is set to carry out a comprehensive study on the socio economic status of fishermen in the State, aiming at identifying gaps that needs special focus by the government through policy interventions. The study will be undertaken at a cost of Rs.50 lakh.

According to a G.O. issued in this regard, the State government has found it necessary to study the quantum of livelihood and living standard improvements achieved through various schemes, and also to study the areas where further interventions of the government are required to ensure continuous development in improvement. Besides focusing on various schemes implemented in last 15 years and measuring the improvement achieved through these schemes, the study will also identify key areas of intervention and suggest specific schemes and infrastructure requirements for the future development of the community.

The study, which will be completed in six months, is aimed at covering the infrastructure facilities developed over the past 10 years all along the Tamil Nadu coast, handling of catch and marketing of fish catch and the benefits enjoyed by fishermen through these infrastructure facilities. Tamil Nadu has a fishermen population of about 10.25 lakh, who significantly contribute towards economic

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