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Kerala: Formalin-laced fish seized in Thiruvananthapuram November 29,2019   |  Source: The Hindu

A total of 663 kg of formalin-laced fish and 1,122 kg of stale fish were seized from big and small fish markets in the city by the health wing of the city Corporation on Tuesday. The seized fish was destroyed later. Special inspections were conducted across 25 health circles covering nearly all the 100 wards of the Corporation. Inspections were conducted simultaneously at the Palayam, Chala, Kumarichantha, Poonthura, Peroorkada, Pangode, Manacaud, Sreekaryam, Kesavadasapuram, Kazhakuttam, Pappanamcode, Mukkola, and Ulloor markets. Vehicles bringing fish to the wholesale centres were also inspected and formalin-laced fish seized.

No ammonia presence

Significantly, no ammonia was detected in the seized fish. At the fish at the Palayam market, the presence of formalin was not detected. Formalin though was found in 20 kg of fish brought to the market from outside for cutting, and not for sale, health inspector S.S. Minu said.
The presence of formalin was found in big fish, not small ones. Moreover, it was primarily found in fish brought from other States. For instance, formalin was found in three cobia (‘modha’), weighing 40 kg, and said to be coming from Gujarat, in the Pangode market, but it was not detected in smaller fish such as seer fish (neymeen).


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