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India: Antibiotics are contaminating rivers and posing health risks by Suman Kapur November 29,2019   |  Source: Livemint

Biomes, which are distinct communities of flora and fauna that get formed in response to a shared climate, and tissue-specific microbiomes, which are a mix of organisms that coexist in tissues, have an intimate link with each other, jointly impacting human health. While Delhi is struggling with the issue of extremely poor air quality, the problem of poor water quality in rivers plagues the whole country.

Water constitutes 70% of our total body composition. Apart from its use as an essential component for survival, water is required for agricultural and industrial activities, and power generation, thus playing a central role in global food supply, economic prosperity and the survival of all living organisms. Its importance can be gauged by the fact that all major civilizations in ancient times developed along the banks of major rivers.

Our rivers and water bodies are life-supporting assets. But river pollution has become a major cause of concern across the world in the past few decades. Its common causes include industrial discharge, open defecation, untreated waste from chemical and pharmaceutical industries, waste generated by hospitals, clinics and animal husbandry units. Recent reports on the presence of high amounts of myriad pharmaceutical residues in water bodies in

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