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Tamil Nadu and Kerala: Govt help sought to bring home fishermen fleeing from Yemen December 02,2019   |  Source: Yahoo

Steps should be taken to to bring home safely nine fishermen of Tamil Nadu and Kerala suspected to be stranded off Lakshwadweep after fleeing from Yemen, their families and a fishermen's body appealed to the district Collector here on Thursday. As many as six fishermen from Kanyakumari, one from Tirunelveli district and two others belonging to neighbouring Kerala had fled from Yemen on 19 November 'to save their lives from the hands of their sponsor,' the South Asian Fishermen Fraternity (SAFF) said.

A memorandum seeking government help to bring them home safely was submitted to the Collector Prashant M Wadnere by the family members and SAFF general secretary Father Churchill. The memorandum was also forwarded to the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. On Wednesday through a 'telephone message,' the fishermen informed their families that they in a mechanised boat somehow reached Indian waters near Lakshadweep, the SAFF said in a statement. However for the last 30 hours, there was no communication from them which indicated that they may be stranded and suffering without food and water.

Hence, the government should steps to safely bring them home, the SAFF said. 'The fishermen told their families that they have been sailing for days without food and sufficient fuel.

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