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Kerala: US import ban on wild-caught shrimps hits Kerala fishermen hard December 02,2019   |  Source: The Wire

The fishing community in Kerala has suffered a major setback after the US imposed a ban on the import of wild-caught shrimps from India. The state exports nearly $300 million worth of such shrimps to the US. The ban does not impact the farm-raised shrimp harvest. The ban is likely to also lead to a crash in the price of brown shrimps, Karikkadi shrimps and deep sea shrimps, which are among the most popular varieties that are exported.

A report in Mathrubhumi said the curbs placed by the US would deal a severe blow to the fishing industry in Kerala which is already facing an acute financial crisis. It said people who professionally operate boats in the region are also likely to suffer since export proceeds go a long way in funding such fishing operations. Additionally, a large number of boats used by Kerala fishermen come in from Tamil Nadu. Fishing supports the livelihood of a large number of people in both the states.

Earlier, a report in the Hindu Businessline stated that the US restrictions on wild-caught shrimps from India would continue for the time being. The decision was taken following a recent inspection by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) under the US state department to assess the wild-caught shrimp harvesting systems in India. The US temporarily

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