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India: Fisheries talks: India says no curbs on aid for disaster relief, security December 02,2019   |  Source: The Hindu Business Line

To ensure that relief and safety programmes for the fishing community, especially during times of disaster, do not get challenged at the World Trade Organization, India has insisted that government measures such as disaster relief, hygiene protection and safety related provisions should be excluded from the purview of the disciplines on fisheries subsidies being currently negotiated.

At a recent meeting of the negotiating group on fisheries subsidies, New Delhi, together with representatives from Venezuela, Benin (for the African Group), Senegal, South Africa, Morocco, Pakistan, and Nigeria stressed that effective special and differential treatment (S&DT) provisions were an integral part of any future agreement, a Geneva-based official told BusinessLine. Countries such as the US and Australia, however, disagreed. WTO members are trying to finalise an agreement on curbing fisheries subsidies that lead to over-fishing and destruction of marine life so that it is ready to be signed by the next Ministerial meeting in June 2020. But there are several areas of disagreement between developed and developing countries especially on extension of the S&DT provisions (flexibilities which entitle developing countries to less onerous reduction commitments compared to rich countries) and

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