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Uttar Pradesh: Govt prepares plan to promote fisheries for success of blue revolution December 02,2019   |  Source: Outlook India

The Uttar Pradesh government has prepared a comprehensive plan to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi''s call for blue revolution a success in the state, Minister for Fisheries, Dairy and Animal Husbandry Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary said. The department of fisheries has chalked out a plan for large-scale fish farming in the state from February, he said. Fish farming would not only add to the income of farmers but also attract unemployed youth to the profession as one can easily earn about Rs 5 lakh in a year with only one hectare of land, the minister said.

"While it would turn unproductive land into money minting machine, the side business would become an asset for the farmer," Chaudhary said here. A fishing experiment conducted on ''oosar land (infertile land)'' hit by hard water and converted into a pond in Baad area of Mathura has been a grand success and may prove to be a turning point in increasing farmers'' income, he said. The encouraging part of the experiment conducted by director and deputy director of fisheries department was that it has been successful on ''Jhinga'' breed of fish, which is considered to be one of the best variety and has higher demand in Bangladesh, he said. The same experiment will now be conducted on 100 acre infertile land in Khayara village of

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