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Pakistan: Building national economy on paradigm of blue growth December 03,2019   |  Source: Daily Times

Maritime sector is the world’s leading sector for creation of jobs; besides being one of the most effective economic development driver. Global consciousness of unprecedented environmental challenges and pressuresof growing population has diverted the attention of littorals from finite land resources to the opportunities offer by oceans and seas. Gunter’s idea of sustainable development though oceans and seas as an effective tool against emerging challenges of global development has been popularised as Blue economy. Oceans offer food, energy, water, minerals, trade, recreation and tourism opportunities; what else is required. International organizations like World Bank, UN, IMO, WWF are also emphasising on idea of building on sustainable maritime cluster to tap vast potentials of oceans.According to 2017 World Bank estimates, global economy accounts for US$24 trillion and out of which share of oceanic economic activities is US$1.5 trillion per annum.

The concept of blue growth has become an advancing agenda lately in Pakistan. Custodians of maritime domain; whether its naval leadership or Ministry of Maritime Affairs, are earnest towards promoting blue economy for sustainable national development in the country. Pakistan has been blessed with a unique delta as well as

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