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A new report available online on Women’s Economic Empowerment in Fisheries in the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean Rim December 04,2019   |  Source: ICSF

In November 2018, International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) undertook a research study titled “ Women’s EconomicEmpowerment in Fisheries in the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean Rim”.Commissioned by UN Women, the study aimed to expand the evidence and knowledge base on women’s economic empowerment in the blue economy of the Indian Ocean region, emphasizing specifically the fisheries and aquaculture sector with linkages to tourism and trade.As a first step, it was decided that two types of data would be compiled for the 22 Member States of the IORA –data on gender equality in these countries and fisheries-specific data, focused on women’s work in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Accordingly, information available across a wide range of sources was gathered. This included international databases of the United Nations, the World Bank, regional organization databases as well as relevant academic journals.

At the same time, a list of fisheries-relevant data indicators was developed, and information on these was sourced and compiled from a wide range of international and national database sources such as the FAO, regional fisheries management bodies and national fisheries research centres. Where information was not available online or in the

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