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Goa: Quality’ fish being brought to state from Kerala, Karnataka, TN December 04,2019   |  Source: The Navhind Times

The quality fish that ‘lands’ in the state, is being brought from the neighbouring states of Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu (TN), but it is frozen fish, revealed the fish retailers at the Panaji municipal market. Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times,’ the retailers stated that fish in the city is being brought from Caranzalem, Dona Paula, Nirla, Shiridona, Goa Velha and other areas, but it is insufficient to cater to the growing demand of the consumers. “We all rush to Margao as early as 2 am, and queue up there as the wholesale fish market there opens at 3.30 am and buy the fish in bulk and sell at a higher price and earn a living, but it is frozen fish. No fresh fish is being sold anywhere,” they added.

“Even the trawlers, which venture into the Arabian sea maintain a good stock of ice with them as it acts as a preservative for the fish. The shelf life of the fish is very short, and there is a likelihood of fish started rotting after some hours,” they informed. “Now, it has become the habit with the fish sellers that the moment they buy fresh fish, they put them in the ice to avoid last minute efforts to save it from getting spoilt,” they added

“Hardly some quality fish is brought to the city market. Pomfrets – white and black, kingfish,

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