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Bangladesh: Project to enhance shrimp and fish health December 04,2019   |  Source: PHYS ORG

Experts at the University of Stirling are working with senior industry, government and scientific officials from Bangladesh in a bid to tackle a major issue in the aquaculture sector. The Institute of Aquaculture (IoA) has developed a pioneering tool that will minimize environmental and occupational health risks associated with the use of probiotics in shrimp farming. Probiotics are microorganisms, mostly bacteria, that can provide health benefits to shrimp and fish when ingested or added to water.

The interdisciplinary team is launching the computer-based tool in Bangladesh—as it is currently experiencing a growing demand for probiotics with the intensification in shrimp and fish farming—but the scientists believe a wider roll-out in the future could benefit other countries in a similar position. A delegation from the South Asian country is currently visiting the University to finalize the initial launch of the tool. The Pedigree project aims to bring research from a previous study, IMAQulate, into practical use. Both projects are funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Principal Investigator Dr. Francis Murray said: "There are an estimated 250,000, mostly small-scale, shrimp farmers in Bangladesh. Some of these farmers and hatchery owners

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