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Bangladesh: Exploring merit of marine fish December 05,2019   |  Source: The Financial Express

To fish-loving Bangalees, the news that catches of different species of marine fish including Hilsha have gone up remarkably compared to the previous year is indeed an auspicious one. No less than 625,550 tonnes of Hilsha were hauled at different fisheries ghats (landing centres) of Cox's Bazar, Teknaf and Maheshkhali in the past month alone. Promfret and vetki (barramundi) are also getting netted in an increasing volume. The report is, however, silent about catches of tuna, snapper, marlin and other marine species. One of the reasons may be their unfamiliarity with the majority of the population here and their palate. Sea crab and sea shrimps are however favourite with many but they are not easily available. When Hilsha hogs the headlines, other catches naturally take a back seat for understandable reasons.

The fact that Hilsha catch has gone up significantly provides an occasion for celebration because the ban on fishing imposed annually during the breeding season of this fish has been yielding wonderful result. Fishermen at Cox's Bazar are ecstatic that this year's Hilsha catch may break all previous records. At a time when production of indigenous fish of all varieties has marked a decline on account of fast disappearance or shrinkage of natural water bodies, cultured

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