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Goa: The struggle of fishers in Goa’s Zuari river continues in November 2019: Some features and insights December 05,2019   |  Source: NPSSFW(I)

The logic of economic growth leading to degeneration of ecology and impoverishment of fishing communities on the banks of Zuari river has raised the voice of protest and unleashed struggle of fishing communities. The epicenter of current struggle is the mouth of Zuari river specially involving northern as well as southern banks of the river that is 5.5 kms wide at the mouth that empties in Arabian Sea.

The growth logic has lured sizable amount of fishers to get into legally, ecologically and ethically objectionable methods of fishing in Zuari river. Two of these methods has triggered conflicts. They are trawling and purse seine fishing methods. Both these fishing methods are banned in rivers of Goa and within 5 kilometers from the shoreline but have enough promise of prosperity for those few fishers who engage in them even though peril for the ecology and other fishers in Zuari. Trawling has been objected in Goa by Small Scale fishing communities since 1970s and had met with an success to some extend with the enactment of legislation – Goa, Daman and Diu Marine Fishing Regulation Act 1980 and its rules in 1981.

Its enforcement remained pathetic due to lack of political will as trawlers funded various politicians openly as well as clandestinely. Zuari river fisheries

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