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Assam: Cultivate 1 tonne fish in your house December 05,2019   |  Source: News Live TV

Life is but a stream, and we go fishing in! Got no space to fish? You could do it in your own home! You may have heard of urban farms or rooftop kitchen gardens. But what if I said that you could breed and cultivate fish in your home? Well, Gohpur-based Uddipta Hazarika has used Bioflock fish farming in order to grow good quantity of organic fish. This is a new concept taking ground in India in the past few months.

Hazarika recently addressed the media at Press Club, Guwahati about the techniques and advantages of Bioflock Fish farming which was invented by Yoram Avnimelech of Israel. Hazarika explained that the farmers can use this technique and cultivate up to 1tonne of fish by using 4 metres of tarpaulin in a ten thousand litre water tank without investing much. According to Hazarika, Biofloc farming technology is used in Fish and Shellfish culture with limited or zero water exchange under high stocking density, strong aeration and biota formed by Biofloc. The culture of Biofloc will be productive in case of culture tanks exposed to sun.

The Biofloc technology is not only effective in treating the waste but also grants nutrition to the fish and shellfish farming. It is an innovative and cost-effective technology in which toxic materials such as Nitrate, Nitrite and

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