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Manipur: PFA says worried about development of Loktak Inland Waterways December 05,2019   |  Source: E-PAO

Asserting that the development of Loktak Inland Waterways project will bring the same amount of loss as gain, People for Animals Manipur has urged the State Government to consult experts before it goes on with the project, which has been approved by the Ministry of Shipping. PFA has raised concerns over numerous impacts of the project that will bring rapid destruction to the environment and the biodiversity of the lake in terms of noise pollution, water pollution etc while adding that the project might also harm the beauty of the lake and the natural environment of the species.

Maintaining that the lake is the home for many indigenous and endangered species including Sangai, varieties of birds, insects, fishes etc, it added that Loktak is also the feeding ground of many hibernating birds. It continued that these species are dependent of each other and they are crucial as it maintains the balance in the eco-system of the lake. PFA also appealed to all the people residing near the lake and its surrounding areas to help conserve the lake and the species living there.

Warning the residents that PFA will take legal help against those who use LED lights or illegal equipment for fishing, it urged the people not to harmful equipment to catch mass fishlings/fishes. It added that

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