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Pakistan: Marine fisheries: Neglected sector of Pakistan’s economy December 06,2019   |  Source: Pakistan Observer

Since past few years; marine experts and government officials have been discussing same aged old challenges faced by fisheries sector of Pakistan, but loss has been done on ground to achieve a ‘thriving fisheries sector’. Traditionally, overfishing, poaching by Indian fishermen, use of banned nets/mesh size, boat registration and licensing, bycatch, poor storage and hygiene conditions are some intrinsic threats to fisheries in Pakistan. This sector is so overwhelmed with conventional issues that emerging un-conventional challenges like global warming, climate change, deforestation of mangroves, loss of biodiversity etc are secluded to many of us. The maritime area attributed to provincial jurisdiction for fishing is about 12 nautical miles from baseline that is territorial water zone. According to statistics available, more or less four hundred thousand people are depended on this sector for their livelihood. This accounts for less than one per cent of country’s labour force. The reported value of seafood export $247.991 million in year 2018-19 is lesser against $264.217 million for year 2017-18. The monetary contribution of fisheries, as sub-sector of agriculture, is 0.4 per cent in over all GDP of the country.

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