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Odisha: Early forecast comes in handy for this Odisha fisherman December 31,2019   |  Source: Odisha Bytes

Shyam Mohapatra, a traditional fisherman from Chandrabhaga Nolia Sahi under Konark NAC in Puri district is a happy man. He saw a jump in his catch as well as a rise in income, thanks to a mobile-based information service on fishing. “We were worried about venturing into the sea because of unreliable sea conditions. Sometimes, there would be a sudden weather change and boats would get damaged. However, since October 2017, I have been depending on the voice advisories and messages that I get on my smart phone from Reliance Foundation on Ocean State Forecast and Potential,” said Mohapatra.

“Most of the fishermen here are getting regular Ocean State Forecast and early warnings from the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad, through Reliance Foundation Voice message platform,” he added. He also said, “We are also getting Fishing Zones’ information from Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). On May 2019, we had also received a high wave alert about cyclone Fani. We had avoided venturing into the sea at that time.”

“I am really thankful to INCOIS and Reliance Foundation for their continuous effort towards providing sea safety advisory at the right time through the technology platform,” said Mohapatra.

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