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Pakistan: Developing sustainable fisheries for blue growth January 06,2020   |  Source: Pakistan Observer

Oceanic resources have always been considered an eternal gift of nature. However, increased knowledge and scientific developments have revealed this to be a myth and mankind has realized that marine resources, although renewable, are not infinite and need to be managed properly, if their contribution to the nutritional, economic and social well-being of the future generation is to be sustained. The scenario is not different for marine fisheries sector of Pakistan. Maritime zones of Pakistan lie in the most resourceful fishing grounds of the world, but contrary to it, the contribution of marine fisheries in national economy and social development of coastal community remains insignificant.

Reported GDP share of fisheries is just 0.04 per cent. The reasons are obvious; harmful practices of fishermen; lack of knowledge about modern fishing techniques and oblivion of fishers regarding sustainable use of marine resources. There are a number of environmental issues as well, which have a direct bearing on development of fisheries sector. The disposal of untreated sewage, domestic wastes and industrial effluents into the sea, are affecting natural hatcheries in mangrove forests and other marine life in the area. These issues have adverse affects on the quality of catch and

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