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Manipur: Video: Loktak Lake: Fate of the floating wonder by Oinam Anand January 06,2020   |  Source: East MOJO

Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake of Manipur, is the lifeline for the people of the state. But it holds much more significance for the fishermen community. This lake is their primary source of livelihood. But now it has become a fight for survival for the fishermen. Government policies announced to conserve the lake is posing a huge threat to the fishermen as most of them lack any alternative livelihood skills. "When I was young and was following my elders' footsteps, we could invest Rs 500 in fishing equipment, and catch fish worth Rs 1,000. However, now we have to invest Rs 20,000 in the equipment and we catch fish worth only Rs 500. The quantity of fish in the lake is going down," said Sanatomba, a local fisherman.

Sanatomba spends most of his time on this floating lake, doing what he is best at, fishing and supporting his family. There are about 3,000 others, like Sanatomba. For them, Loktak is the only way to provide two square meals for their families. Situated at a distance of 53 km from Imphal, the state capital of Manipur, Loktak Lake is best known for its floating islands and floating huts or Khangpok built on the phumdis, a series of floating islands, by the fishing community. With an area of about 26,000 hectares, Loktak is the largest fishery resource of

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