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Puducherry: Hamlets along Puduchery's north coast face threat of erosion January 13,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

Report from the NCCR shows that around 57% of Puducherry’s coast exposed to risk; environmentalists blame fishing harbour. With the Puducherry government yet to come out with any lasting solution to tackle coastal erosion, fishermen in hamlets located to the north of the coast especially Solai Nagar, Kuruchikuppam and Vaithikuppam are now facing a grave threat with the sea inching ever closer to their doorsteps. The sea has turned rough over the last one month and fishermen from Solai Nagar are finding it extremely difficult to navigate their boats into sea. Already, a substantial portion of the seawall and groynes erected along the coast have caved in due to advancing seawaters.

“The seawater has now started coming close to habitations in Solai Nagar. Many fishermen have been keeping away from the sea for the past few days as the risk of boats running aground in the waters is very high. The net mending shed in Solai Nagar north has been heavily damaged due to erosion. The problem is acute from the months of November to January,” says M. Murali, a fisherman from Solai Nagar. A report by the National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR), under the Ministry of Earth Sciences said around 57% of Puducherry’s coast was eroding. Puducherry is second only to West Bengal which

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