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Pakistan: Shortcomings in marine fisheries sector February 10,2020   |  Source: Pakistan Observer

Fisheries, like agriculture, are also a part of the primary sector; therefore along with its counterpart, fisheries also play a crucial role in enhancing the economies of developing countries. In Pakistan, over a million people look to the seas for sustenance. Many fishing villages exist on the coastline of Pakistan. The short-comings in the fisheries sector of Pakistan directly affect these communities. The government of Pakistan has therefore recognized the fisheries sector as a component of Pakistan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The Stock Assessment Surveys in Pakistan indicate that the marine fisheries resources of the country are extremely over-exploited. This has been the collective outcome of various detrimental anthropogenic activities. Marine fisheries in Pakistan are still open access with no limited entry; the number of vessels in Pakistan has not only increased, but they have become larger, motorized and are utilizing mechanized gear, previously unavailable; and fishing is being done down the food web. Larger individuals of organisms such as sharks, rays, guitarfish, groupers, croakers, catfish and ribbonfish are no longer found. The most vulnerable organisms have been the demersal elasmobranchs including sharks, skates, and rays. One of the factors contributing

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