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Myanmar: Fisheries Management: A Possible Venue for Navigating Fisheries Conflicts in the Indian Ocean February 10,2020   |  Source: News Security Beat

A significant increase in fisheries-related conflicts in the Indian Ocean since 2000 is heightening regional tensions. These conflicts have ranged from purely verbal and diplomatic disputes to armed attacks on fishing vessels by coast guards and navies. These disputes are most often low-intensity, but constitute true “wild card” scenarios in which competing powers’ navies reach the brink of engagement due to the actions of third parties that they neither command nor control.

Managing these frictions will require careful diplomacy and coordination of expectations around access rights to these valuable resources among an incredibly diverse set of stakeholders. In this context, the performance and resilience of regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOS) will be key to effective transboundary management—and may even play a role in conflict prevention. But in order to do so, these regional organizations will need expanded capacity and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Given emergent challenges associated with overfishing, disputes over offshore energy deposits, and the myriad effects of climate change, regional fisheries management organizations may be effective institutions for heading off or managing conflicts in the Indian Ocean. These organizations are some of

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