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Tamil Nadu: Evict fish sellers from Loop Road, says HC February 10,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

The Madras High Court on Thursday directed Chennai Corporation Commissioner, as well as the Commissioner of Police to crack down on fishermen families that sell seafood by squatting on the pavement on the landside of the 2.5-km Loop Road along Marina beach, that runs from the Light House to the Foreshore Estate bus stand. Justices Vineet Kothari and R. Suresh Kumar directed the officials to ensure that “the entire Loop Road is kept free from encroachments and a 24x7 vigil is maintained to ensure that nobody is allowed to sit or squat on the loop road or the landside footpath of the said Loop Road for selling fish, etc., so as to allow free flow of traffic.”

The judges also went on to state: “We have indicated to the learned Additional Advocate General (S.R. Rajagopal) that the Loop Road on the Marina beach is now becoming increasingly non-motorable and no free flow of traffic is allowed, particularly after 3 p.m., and till late evening, every day, due to fishermen selling fish there.” “There are also reports of people encroaching on the landside of the footpath on the Loop Road by raising constructions, while the seaside footpath is yet to be created, for which necessary approvals are in the process of being taken by the Corporation... All encroachments on the Loop

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