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Goa: In 2019-20, five vessels seized for illegal fishing February 11,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

A total of five fishing boats from neighbouring states were impounded in the financial year 2019-20 for illegally fishing in Goa’s territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone. The exclusive economic zone comes under the jurisdiction of the government of India. With LED fishing banned in Karnataka and Maharashtra, trawlers from these states are coming into Goan waters to fish, ports minister Michael Lobo had said in November 2019. As a result, the state government was in the process of notifying rules to impose stringent fines on bull trawling and LED fishing. Currently, the fisheries department conducts routine sea patrolling up to 12 nautical miles along the Mandovi-Zuari coast to curb illegal fishing and showcause notices are issued to owners of fishing vessels caught.

The authorised officer appointed under Section 3 of the Goa Daman and Diu Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1980, impounds vessels caught fishing in the territorial waters of the state under Section 18 and Section 19 of the act. If the state’s fishermen are caught carrying out LED fishing the, their fisheries subsidies are withheld and fishing licences suspended for a duration depending on the gravity of the offence. In 2017, officials from the department were deputed to inspect fishing vessels twice

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