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Goa: Fish catch in state fell 40% in 2019: Economic Survey February 11,2020   |  Source: The Navhind Times

Year 2019 was the worst ever for the fishing industry in the state with annual fish catch plunging nearly 40 per cent to 75,748 tons from 121,115 tons in the previous year, according to the Economic Survey 2019-20. The Survey disclosed that, annual catch of through open-sea fishing (marine) as well as inland rivers decreased significantly by 38 per cent and 27 per cent respectively. The Economic Survey does not explain the reason for the sharp fall but it is attributed to series of cyclones that struck the country. According to local fishermen, fishing activities were disturbed several times due to four cyclones in the Arabian Sea in 2019, Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr and finally Maha. Besides adverse conditions caused by cyclones, competition from trawlers coming from outside states was also responsible for the plunge in fish catch, according to fishermen.

On the export front also the industry faced setback in 2019, with export of marine products in 2019 decreasing 15 per cent from 44,444 tons in 2018 to 37,938 tons in 2018-19 (provisional). The Survey reveals that exports in value terms fell marginally from Rs 623 crore in 2018 to Rs 620 crore in 2018-19.

Sea food exporters in the state said that, the formalin-in-fish controversy took a huge toll on fish exports as the state

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