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Bangladesh: The fast disappearing fishing carnival by Nilratan Halde February 11,2020   |  Source: The Financial Express

This is the season of fishing carnival. In large parts of plain lands in this country, mass fishing gets going right from Poush and Magh on the Bangla calendar. Once the carnival continued up to Chaitra and Baishakh depending on the altitude of the area concerned. The lower is the plain land compared to the sea level, the later the catch in common water bodies or even large derelict ponds called deeghi or andhi.

Once fish were aplenty all across the country. But with the arrival of the lean season, submerged lands emerged from under water and farmers started preparation of those for cultivation of crops. That was the time when most agricultural land could be brought under cultivation of two crops -Aus and Aman paddy. Even in crop field where water stagnated on account of lower dents or pools, some small fish got confined unaware of the danger from future dry season. Gone are those days with absence of water and vast areas becoming fit for Boro cultivation. Can today's young generation in rural Bangladesh-let alone those living in cities and towns -think of the post-harvest crop field teeming with koi, sing, puti, mini, shol and taki fish of limitless quantity?

One of the methods was to select a submerged land for fishing carnival. Villagers gathered with no fishing

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