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Pakistan: Interaction of offshore oil and gas and deep sea mining industries with fisheries by Alifiya Aun Ali February 12,2020   |  Source: Pakistan Observer

Energy demand is increasing year after year, for this reason, oil and gas companies due to the increasing depletion of resources and high rate of consumption because of fast-growing and ever-increasing population are increasing the number of exploratory surveys to find new reservoirs at sea. For many years, offshore natural gas and oil production were restricted to shallow waters. However as many older deposits have become exhausted, companies and countries have increasingly moved into deeper waters, into areas where fishery based activities have traditionally played a dominant role in the local and global social economy.

Oil and Gas play a major role in a country’s economy and many of the country’s actions and policies are formulated keeping that perspective and standpoint in mind. The fishery is an important industry and has a vital role in the global economy, an employment generating activity and a valued source of food high in nutrition value and food for millions of people around the world. Oil and gas industry is one of the main sources for the global economy. For this reason at present oil and fishing industries need to co-exist by sharing the ocean space. To make the coexistence harmonious and fruitful there is a need to develop clear legislation and efficient

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