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Sri Lanka: Plastic garbage destroying country’s ocean bed, fish - NARA February 12,2020   |  Source: Daily News

The environmental audit report released last month indicated that 50 percent of Sri Lanka’s ocean bed has been polluted due to accumulation of garbage. The report made this revelation citing research results conducted by the National Aquatic Resources Research Institute (NARA) jointly with the crew of a Norwegian ship.

“The marine fish resources in the seas around Sri Lanka have decreased drastically over the past 40 years as a result of this marine pollution. NARA has reported that the marine biodiversity is damaged due to lack of sunlight and ventilation for marine organisms. According to this research, the Northwest coastline is a heavily polluted coastal line with relatively high concentration of micro plastic particles per cubic meter. The Western coastal belt is also seriously polluted due to accumulation of micro plastics,” the report stated.

The report said 150,242 beverage bottles, 100,875 food wrappings, 80,483 straws, 74,183 lids of bottles, 64,646 plastic bags and 56,154 cigarette buds had been collected within five years from 2013 to 2017 along the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Compared to 2017, the report pointed out that, the number of plastic bottles, plastic grocery items, and straws collected in the Sri Lankan coastline had increased by 7,053 percent,

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