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Nepal: Locals along Mahakali river deprived of livelihoods by Tufan Neupane February 13,2020   |  Source: First Post

A resident of Bhimdhatta Municipality-12, in Nepal bordering India, – manages the expenses of his 8-member family by processing and selling stones, gravel, and sand. The riverbed of the Mahakali is the main source of income to pay for the expenses of his aged parents and school-going children. The river causes panic when it swells unexpectedly, but they are still dependent on it for almost 9 months (September to May) a year. “The task of collecting pebbles and sands is not easy,” he said. Nevertheles it provides him with an income. “I need not have to go overseas to support my family. It gives a good income 7-8 months a year, which has helped support my family.” “If 1-2 members of a family engage in this task, it helps support a family. But, fields and a gharedi (a piece of land for house construction) could be purchased if 5-6 members of a family worked,” He added, “I have seen many people in my village who have purchased fields and a gharedi.”

The family of Jasma Sona in the same area also depends on the Mahakali. Her house is on the bank of the river. She is afraid to sleep many nights in the rainy season due to the fear of the river entering her house. “We face difficult situations. We find no place to keep ourselves safe,” she said as she processed

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