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Bangladesh: Protecting our rivers and waterbodies for a sustainable future by ASM Abdul Baten February 14,2020   |  Source: The Daily Star

Bangladesh is truly a riverine as well as a maritime country, which is situated at the largest delta containing the finest mangrove and longest continuous sea beach in the world. Most of the rivers in Bangladesh are either tributaries or distributaries of the Ganges, or the Brahmaputra, or the Meghna River. Both the density of population and density of rivers/rivulets per square km are among the highest in the world if we consider all listed rivers and streams. Our ancestors were immensely dependent on the resources of the rivers and water bodies of the country. We still depend on the rivers for our living and communication. The sweet water fish in our rivers and water bodies are among the best in the world, which have kept our lives moving as the bulk of the protein comes from these marine creatures. To feed our huge population and minimise the cost of living we need to nurture the rivers and water bodies.

As a citizen of a littoral state, we feel proud to have the advantage of getting invaluable benefits from hundreds of rivers and innumerable water bodies. Rivers are also an integral part of the major communication links, which is not fully exploited though, from seaports to upstream inside the mainland. To use the rivers and water bodies sustainably we need to protect


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