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India’s Blue Economy net getting bigger! Country ranks third in fisheries and second in aquaculture by KUSHANKUR DEY February 17,2020   |  Source: Financial Express

Interim Budget FY20 had created a separate ministry for animal husbandry, livestock, and fisheries, and Union Budget FY20 allocated Rs 770.25 crore for fisheries for a comprehensive development. The budgetary allocation has further increased to Rs 825 crores in the current budget for FY 21. This budgetary support has recognised the significance of ‘blue economy’.
Centrally sponsored schemes including the Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries and Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund are made available to devise a framework of development, management, and conservation of marine (and inland) fisheries and to increase the exports by Rs 1 lakh crore in FY25. For example, about 65,000 fishermen have been trained under these schemes since FY17 until FY20.

So, to appreciate the significance of blue economy geared by the ‘blue revolution’, one needs to understand the fishermen economy: what are the fish production systems and how does fishermen economy perform? Fish production system predominantly consists of capture fisheries, marine fisheries, aquaculture, enhancement and integrated fish farming. India ranks third in fisheries production, and second in aquaculture. Fisheries alone has employed 145 million people and contributed to 1.07% of

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