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National Fishworkers’ Forum asks Kerala government to act against illegal fishing practices February 17,2020   |  Source: The New Indian Express

The National Fishworkers’ Forum (NFF) demanded the government to curb illegal methods of fishing in shallow sea using LED lights. According to them, unsustainable fishing practices followed by trawlers had affected the livelihood of traditional fishermen who depend on the shallow sea. “The use of LED lights powered by generators has become rampant near the coast by boat operators. They have flouted all restrictions on night trawling,” said general secretary of NFF T Peter. He said trawlers were involved in illegal practices such as pair trawling and bull trawling that resulted in the netting of juvenile fish.

“The juvenile fishes are carried to the fish meal factories located in Kozhikode, Mangaluru and Muttam. But the practice resulted in depletion of fish wealth,” said general secretary of Kerala Swatantra Matsyathozhilali Federation (KSMTF) Jackson Pollayil. He demanded the government to take stringent action by seizing boats involved in illegal fishing methods at the harbor and fish landing centres. The department has brought out a list of minimum legal size (MLS) for 58 species which can be netted based on the recommendation of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI). The enforcement officers can seize the catch, destroy it and impose a fine of Rs

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