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Untapped water resources in Assam February 17,2020   |  Source: The Sentinel Assam

If China can turn the Hwang Ho, once known as the sorrow of China, to joy why cannot Assam script the same success story with the Brahmaputra and the Barak river systems? The successive governments and planners in the neighbouring country have successfully tamed the Hwang Ho. On the contrary, the picture is quite different in Assam. The state is ridden with successive waves of devastating floods every year. The situation makes one take the Brahmaputra, the Barak and their tributaries as the sorrow of the State. And this is a reality in the 21st century when science and technology have scaled the heights. Doesn’t a genuine question hang in the air on the ability of the successive governments in the State on this particular front? Huge property in the forms of standing crops and livestock, besides human lives, is lost in the state in every wave of flood in the State every year.

Breaches of embankments, roads and bridges also continue to cost big amounts from the State exchequer. Thus the two river systems continue to cloud over the fate of the state’s people who have to incur huge loses every year. And this happens as the powers that be in the state have not been able to tame the rivers that flow through it. On its February 11, 2020, issue The Sentinel published a

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