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IPNLF working with Maldivian NGO to draw new talent to one-by-one tuna sector February 18,2020   |  Source: Seafood Source

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) and Maldivian NGO Dhivehi Masverin (Maldives Fishermen) as a means to further elevate the Republic of Maldives’ standing as a global leader in the one-by-one tuna sector. The agreement will see key knowledge and data gaps addressed and will also work to increase the awareness of tuna fishing’s significant contribution to the country’s economy, IPNLF said in a press release announcing the pact on 14 February. Attracting new talent and young jobseekers to the Maldives’ tuna fishing sector is a primary goal set in the agreement as well, an aim that Dhivehi Masverin has already set out to tackle with the use of carefully selected imagery and videos, which have been shared through popular social media platforms.

“I come from a relatively large fisher family in Gemanafushi island in the south. I have always believed that our fishery is special, but that there is also scope for improvement, particularly in making the lives of fishermen better, safer and more secure. One of the best ways to make these positive changes is to raise the sector’s public profile,” Dhivehi Masverin President Ahmed Shafiu, who is also a local fisher, said.

Signing the agreement means

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