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Fish workers’ organisations in Kerala have demanded government to provide immediate financial assistance to fishermen February 18,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

Fish workers’ organisations have demanded the state government to provide immediate financial assistance to fishermen “as they were struggling to make ends meet due to poor catch in the sector”. “Various factors, including climate change, unscientific trawling near to the shore and pair trawling, have led to the reduction of our fish production. Fishermen are now in a state of poverty,” said a joint statement issued by Kerala Swathanthra Matsya Thozhilali Federation (KSMTF) state president Jackson Pollayil and National Fish Workers’ Forum general secretary T Peter, here on Friday.

They said fishing with powerful LED lights, making use of power generators, was also affecting the marine wealth. The government, it demanded, should take immediate measures to confiscate vessels involved in juvenile fishing and vehicles transporting the catch to factories, and to cancel their permits. “If the government fails to keep vigil on the matter, fish will vanish from our dining tables and the fishing community will plunge into extreme poverty,” the statement said.

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