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Madhya Pradesh: Fisherfolk have not been provided fishing rights beyond their submerged village area by Shabnam Hashmi February 19,2020   |  Source: Counterview

I must admit that I have not worked on the Narmada issue. After my visit to the Narmada valley in December 2019, I have gone through a large number of policy papers where I found how Narmada rehabilitation policies have been violated and are not being implemented on the ground. During my visit to the valley, I met a large number of men women and children -- displaced, deprived of land, home and livelihood, but not dejected. It was amazing to see and meet Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) teams in action in every village, settlements and displaced colonies with the will to carry on the struggle for dignity. What I saw and heard left a deep impact on me, and for the ?rst time I discovered the magic of Medha Patkar and hundreds of her fellow travelers. Chikhalda is a striking example of how those in power, to whose whims and fancies the administration works, are totally oblivious of the destruction that they cause, not only in physical terms, but to their cultural and social roots.

Long-term repercussions of dislocating people and making them refugees in their own land are disastrous and history will not forgive various governments responsible for these manmade disasters. According to archeological research, Chikhalda was home to Asia's ?rst farmer, land being highly fertile. There

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