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Dry fish brings smiles for Narail fishermen, traders in Bangladesh February 20,2020   |  Source: Dhaka Tribune

Dry fish or shutki production is booming in Narail's beel (a type of waterbody) area over the last couple of years, bringing smiles on the faces of the local people involved in the profession. Currently around 160 tons of dried fish, worth around Tk4 crore are being produced every year in the region, insiders said. After meeting the local demand, the shutki is being exported to neighbouring country India as well as other parts of the country. However, detailed statistics on dried fish production in the district is not available yet in the local office of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). Narail Fisheries Officer Muhammad Farukul Islam said dry fish production is gaining popularity in the region.

The district having 57 beel had huge potential in dry fish production, he said and added that the shutki production would further increase if workers there got proper training. Fishermen dump the unsold fishes at dry-fish hubs and sell them at lower prices. The traders at the hubs produce the shutki processing the fishes. Usually making the dry fishes remain momentous between October to February. The demand for the shutki is very high because of its taste. Visiting several dry fish hubs in the area, this correspondent found that workers at the hubs were passing very

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