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Bangladesh Navy seizes four Sri Lankan multi-day trawlers, arrests 27 fishermen February 21,2020   |  Source: Colombo Page

Bangladesh Navy has intercepted four Sri Lankan multi-day fishing trawlers in the country’s territorial waters and arrested the fishermen on board, the state TV Rupavahini reported. The four fishing trawlers and 27 fishermen on the boats have been taken under custody by the Bangladesh Navy. The Sri Lankan fishermen had set sail on the 4th of this month from the fishing ports of Ambalangoda, Beruwela and Trincomalee.

It has been reported that one fishing vessel has developed mechanical problems near the maritime boundary line of Bangladesh Sea and the other three vessels have reached the disabled boat for assistance when the Bangladesh Navy has arrested the fishermen and seized the vessels. The Fishermen's families have called on the government to look into the matter and get their family members and boats released from custody.

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